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NFL Player Jeff Nixon keeping former players and fans updated on the issues affecting retired AFL and NFL players.

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“What matters now is time, and many retired players do not have much left. I hope this settlement is implemented without delay so that we can finally start helping those in need.” - Deceased NFL player and lead plaintiff in the NFL Concussion Settlement - Kevin Turner

Here we are, almost three years after reaching a Settlement Agreement with the NFL over the issue of concussions and we still don’t have a final deal. It’s like a bad dream. Like the Twilight Zone. Like the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray relives the same day over and over again. When will it end? 

The Settlement is now being appealed by the estate of former NFL player, Cookie GilchristIn the complaint, Scott Gilchrist said that living players can receive a maximum of $5 million under the settlement, while families of CTE victims, like his father, have a lower maximum of $4 million.

I know Scott personally and I understand his concerns, but isn’t it time for everyone to put aside their own interests and focus on the hundreds of players and other families that will receive immediate monetary awards through this settlement?  Not to mention - but I will anyway - the thousands of former players who will receive compensation and other benefits over the next 65 years. 

Even if I never get bad enough to receive an award (and I pray that I don't) it gives me peace of mind to know that the Settlement funds will be there if I need them. There is no limit on the amount of money the NFL is liable to pay former players under the agreement. 

This case has dragged on much too long. On two seperate occassions U.S. District Judge Anita B. Brody asked negotiators to tweak the settlement - and they did. The appellate courts have heard every argument in the book - and have thrown it back at the guys who filed and failed to get the changes they wanted. 

This last ditch “Hail Mary” effort to get the highest court in the land to suddenly change all the previous court rulings and decisions will, in my opinion, do nothing but continue to delay the monetary awards for the guys who need it most - and need it now.

Before Kevin Turner passed away,  his father, Ray Turner prophetically said “There’s a lot of players in really bad shape that are probably not going to see (the money) because of the delays."

When Mr. Turner made that statement to the Associated Press back on June 24, 2015, he wasn't trying to bully or intimidate anyone into dropping their appeals, he was just stating the facts. And he was right. Many players - including his son - have not, and will not see the money because they have died.

The fact is, all of these delays could have been avoided. How?  Well, for starters, every former player had the opportunity to opt out of the Settlement and by doing so, reserve the right to continue their individual lawsuit against the NFL. I truly respect the 225 brave men who opted out and are continuing their battle to get what they believe is in their best interest, because it doesn’t hold up the Settlement. It doesn’t affect 20,000 other former NFL players!

Here’s another fact: I’m not a voice in the wilderness. From day one, there have been hundreds of former NFL players that have gone on record against the appeals that are holding up the Settlement. You can read some of their comments here.  Feel free to post your own comments at the bottom of the page.

Sorry if I sound like a broken record that keeps singing the same chorus line of a song over and over, but even so, it’s good to know that there are a lot of other former players and family members that are singing in harmony with me.  And the chorus line?  “Stop Delaying and Denying………..‘cuz too many are Dying.” 

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I'm not running for President, but we could use a few of these too...... 

The Bills offense and Tyrod Taylor are struggling, so the defense needs to step up their game and start shutting down the run and the passing game.  

If the other team can't score.............the Bills can't lose!  

That's sounds easy, but it's not.  My coach, Chuck Knox always preached the six P's (Perfect Practice Prevents Piss Poor Performance).  He had a lot of other memorable quotes that you can read here

What a team does during the week to prepare for their next opponent is critical. Repetition - doing something over and over again - is the best way to learn something.  Unfortunately, the Bills have a short week of practice, because they play Thursday night, so they better get focused because it's the little things that get you jumping offsides at critical moments, or getting flagged for unsportsman-like conduct, or not being in position to make a play. 

To give you an idea of just how important that last one (not being in position) can be, lets look at the Free Safety position.  A Free Safety must cover half the field in Cover 2.  If they line up too far inside they can get burned on short go routes up the sideline and if they're too far outside they can get burned on quick post routes.  In Cover 1 the Free Safety must protect the middle of the field and be as deep as the deepest receiver (cornerbacks get really upset when it looks like the guy they're covering beats them on a deep post route in Cover 1, when in fact its because the Free Safety was not in the middle or wasn't deep enough.  Good things can happen when you're in position and playing smart football. Check out these three clips of  my "centerfield' play in this post: Bills vs Raiders Brings Back Good Memories.   

If the free safety is blitzing, the cornerbacks will have no help inside, so they have to make sure they take away any inside quick slant routes. On this play, I fake the blitz and Miami Dolphins QB Bob Griese thinks he can throw the quick slant. As a defensive back, I loved spiking the ball in the other teams endzone!  

Go Bills..........Let's get some picks!

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It’s been a long battle to get former NFL players treated and compensated for the severe brain injuries they incurred during their playing days....... and it appears they will have to wait a little longer. 

Although many news outlets reported that the NFL Concussion Settlement would not be appealed, New York Times reporter Ken Belson has just written an article "An Attempt for One More Appeal in N.F.L. Concussion Case"  where he reports that the lawyers for former American Football League running back Cookie Gilchrist have asked the Supreme Court to hear their appeal to change the settlement. 

Ken Belson said "The lawyers for the estate of Gilchrist, who died in 2011 at age 75, say that the categories of retired players in this settlement — those with diagnosed injuries and those without — were inadequate."

The problem is, we've heard all this in previous appeals that have been denied.

The lawyers representing the 20,000 former players that agreed to the Settlement said the Supreme Court should deny the petition to hear the case because “these objections have now been exhaustively examined and overruled” by both the district court and the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

I hope the U.S. Supreme Court deals with this final appeal as quickly as possible.  No benefits, will be distributed until all appeals have been exhausted. 

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